We have a dream 1

And that is that whenever we have a problem there’s an ordinary email address we can use to access the the best experts in the world and the best information in the world to help us with it.

Two things are already true, obviously.

Firstly, that whatever problem we have, there are one or two or three people in the whole wide world who know more about it than anyone else.

Secondly, that modern technology makes it simple to access these people and their knowledge.

We already have an email address like that for some problems, unfortunately not medical problems. For many years now we have been using Tiger Technologies to host our websites and blogs and whenever we have a problem that they may be able to help us with, we email them – they acknowledge our emails straight away, and certainly within 24 hours we have an answer, which is often incredibly helpful.

As a very current example, we emailed them at 10.18 am this morning with a problem, and within 8 minutes, i.e. by 10.26 am, we had an answer, and, while our problem was a bit away from their areas of expertise, their answer was incredibly helpful in telling us what to do next.

Tiger Technologies are based somewhere in the US – we don’t know where and we don’t care where.

Our dream is that we all have lots of ordinary email addresses like that, because we believe they are the secret to our success in our personal and work lives.

This especially applies to medical problems.

For instance, we believe that when someone has the problem we’ve outlined here, there should be an ordinary email address that can be used to access the best help.

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We emailed it to two Sydney Geriatricians on behalf of a reader 5 days ago, asking if helping someone with this problem was within their areas of expertise, and, if not, if there was any one else they could recommend – so far they haven’t even acknowledged our emails!

We read once that someone had said that, “Whatever technology enables, happens.” We hope so. So far we’re a million miles away from the world we dream of, but we’re working on it.

info@questionsmisc.info is our email address and questions and feedback are welcome.

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