The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in action 6

Since 14 Mar 2014 we have done SO much work trying to see if Mr Kieran Pehm and his NSW Health Care Complaints Commission would do anything about Dr Jassim Daood and his outrageously false and misleading claims on his website, and almost 9 months later not a thing has changed, we’ve accomplished nothing – see our letter to Mr Pehm on 5 Oct 2015.

Does Mr Pehm care? Why should he? No doubt he’s on a generous salary, no doubt he will retire on a generous pension for life, and no doubt, when he does, he will get an award from the Queen “for service to medical administration through contributions to the regulation of professional and practice standards,” as did Andrew Dix, who we always found to be almost as hopeless.

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That’s the world we live in, readers.

We keep thinking it may not be like this – when will we ever learn????

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