The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in action 5

A letter has just been been emailed to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commissioner, Mr Kieran Pehm with this subject – “Dr Jassim Daood is laughing at you and your Commission, Mr Pehm.”

This is it’s concluding paragraph:-

2053 copy

You can use this link to go to this letter in full.

We’ll let you know, if and when we get a response.

It’s one of the maxims of marketing people that, “It’s no use being the best doctor in the world if you don’t LOOK like you’re the best doctor in the world.” Here, in New South Wales, marketing people can work away to their hearts’ content trying to make even the Jassim Daoods of this world LOOK like the best doctors in the world, with no concerns at all that anyone will do anything about however much our health care services consumers are deceived and mislead by their claims, least of all Kieran Pehm.

It would be a very different world for NSW health care services consumers if just someone would come down like a “ton of bricks” on one or two doctors making false and misleading claim. At present, the likelihood of this happening seems to be a million miles away.

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