The Medical Council of New South Wales 2

A letter sent today to Dr Greg Kesby, the President of the Medical Council, and A/Professor Richard Walsh, it’s Deputy President.

“A NSW doctor claims, and is still claiming on his website, to be a Fellow, no less, of the grandly named “European Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons,” a claim that can’t be substantiated for the very good reason that no one seems to be able to find any evidence that there is a European Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons????

“Still claiming, notwithstanding that I first started writing to him about this on 9 Mar 2015 – virtually 6 months ago.

“Yet a complaint about this to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission was dismissed in what can only be described as a letter of patronising rubbish, dismissed on the basis that “Dr Daood provided the relevant documentation to support the qualification he claims to have on his internet site” and the Commission “is satisfied that Dr Daood’s claims in relation to his qualifications and memberships are warranted and appropriate” – this, when there is no evidence that a “European Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons” even exists!!!

“Convincing “relevant documentation” from an organisation that doesn’t even exist???

“In an additional touch of deception, Dr Daood has on his website what appears to be a link to the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons’ website, but it is, in fact, a link to the website of an organisation with a very different name – an organisation that doesn’t even appear to have Fellows.

“As a means of double checking this, we have written to Travis Brown of the HCCC, the author of this patronising rubbish, asking him to let us know if any evidence that a “European Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons” even exists is ever located. We’ll let you know if we hear from him – so far our letter hasn’t even been acknowledged.

“A major concern is that in all of this it is claimed that your Medical Council of NSW has provided full support.

“All of this smacks of total incompetence or perhaps even some sort of corruption – don’t you think? Yet in all of this, you, in your prestigous positions in the Council appear to not have the slightest interest or concern.

“In the meantime, the people of New South Wales continue to be subject to widespread false and misleading advertising and claims from the Dr Daoods of this world, who continue to appear as though they couldn’t care less, like you.

We’ll let you know if we get any replies – we’re not expecting we’ll get any.

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