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Another article today, the 29 Sep 2015, in the  Sydney Morning Herald on another incident in this Institute – this time a patient being rushed to hospital after suffering a collapsed lung.

We burst out laughing when we read two things in one of the paragraphs in this article.

Firstly, when the patient woke up after the procedure and couldn’t breathe she claims that she was told “IT IS NORMAL TO BE SHORT OF BREATH” – normal alright, if you have a collapsed lung! And also, “SOMETIMES IT’S NORMAL FOR TALL THIN GIRLS TO HAVE LUNGS COLLAPSE FOR NO GIVEN REASON.” But this time there was a reason – hospital X-rays showed that not only  did the patient have a hole in one of her lungs, but had a “LARGE HOLE in my right lung where the needle had gone through and completely deflated my lung.”

Would David Segal and Eddy Dona have any embarrassment about this. Not at all! Not at all! They just have spokesmen coming out and saying things like, “we have operated on 14,000 patients and our complication rate is extremely low.”

Two things are to be said about this. Firstly, you wouldn’t know whether 14,000 patients was a lie or not because it can’t be checked – and every time David Segal and Eddy Dona are reported as making a claim that can be checked up, if you email them asking for the details to enable you to do any checking, they don’t reply. They have the sort of track record that liars have. We’ve given up emailing them.

Secondly, even if it’s true that the Cosmetic Institute has operated on more than 14,000 patients, it’s hard to believe that at least that many operations, perhaps many more, wouldn’t have taken place in all the other places in Sydney where cosmetic surgery takes place, yet we only hear of complications occurring at the Cosmetic Institute, we only hear of one compensation lawyer “being approached by close to 50 women with similar complaints about their treatment at The Cosmetic Institute.”

You would think that if David Segal and Eddy Bona wanted to continue getting patients and had good stories to tell about each of these incidents that they would have opened them up to the widest public scrutiny. In fact the opposite is the case, raising the presumption that they have lots to hide.

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