The Cosmetic Institute, Parramatta and Bondi Junction 2

As at 2 Sep 2015, another patient “dies” – her heart stops beating – while having cosmetic surgery at the Cosmetic Institute. By good luck she can be revived and is taken to the nearest hospital and put into intensive care . It’s becoming a regular occurrence with the Cosmetic Institute! Last time it was on 30 Jan 2015. Surely luck will run out for one of these patients – she won’t be able to be revived!

It obviously raises the suspicion that the anaesthetists being used are hopelessly under qualified. Last time, to counter any such suspicion, David Segal, the Institute’s Managing Director said, “Oh no, the anaesthetist involved was a top anaesthetist from a top hospital.” But when we sent a letter by email to him, with a copy to Dr Eddy Dona, the Institute’s supremo, asking for his or her name so we could check this claim – nothing!

Our lives and our health are too precious for us to be dealing with health practitioners who can’t be trusted, can’t be relied on, especially when things go wrong. We have sent letter after letter by email, over the years, to  David Segal and Eddy Dona, and never got the  slightest indication from either of them can be trusted and relied on.

These days, we have better things to do with ou time than follow these matters up any further. If readers haven’t got the message about the Cosmetic Institute by now, I’m not sure that they ever will

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