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On 28 Sep 2015, we sent a letter by email to Dr Brian Owler, the President of the Australian Medical Association which seemed harmless enough – we asked if there was anyone “within the medical profession” to whom those who had had a horrible experience with a doctor could address their concerns?

We got an email back from a Jodette Kotz on 14 Oct 2015, which was just silly – it didn’t answer our question at all. She said she’d been asked by Dr Owler to answer our letter, but all she did was refer us to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, as though we wouldn’t have known about it.

We immediately wrote back saying that our question was about anyone “within the medical profession?”

Three weeks and one day later, not having heard anything, we emailed a further letter to Dr Owler which included this paragraph:-

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But Dr Owler had decided to block emails form our email address so they didn’t get through to him!

You may view this correspondence in detail by using this link.

In other words, we emailed a letter to Dr Owler asking him a simple question, the answer to which might have indicated his organisation’s interest or otherwise in the welfare of patients, resulting in us getting back an email from one of his underlings a couple of weeks later, which, while it purported to be a response, didn’t answer our question at all, and when we sent back another letter saying, “Hey! You havn’t answered our question,” which, when we hadn’t heard from him  in over three weeks, we chased up with him, but found that letters emailed fromm our email address were blocked and didn’t get through to him.

Firstly, this indicates that with the AMA it’s what we’ve always found in organisations like this, that they are NEVER interested in or concerned about the welfare of actual patients, despite the pompous clams they make to the contrary – they’re all the same!

Secondly that Dr Owler and his underlings must think that we are still in the last century – these days, the “look” which their actions convey, which many may think is not a very good “look,” can so easily be conveyed to the whole world by means of the wonders of modern technology.

It’s SO typical of the Brian Owlers of this world, that, when you make things at all difficult for them, which we haven’t really done in this instance, that they “shut up shop” and block your emails. is our email address and questions and feedback are welcome.

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