Professor Merrilyn Walton

Things like this continue to amaze and outrage us, even though we’ve vowed and declared never to be surprised by anything again.

A Merrilyn Walton glories under the title of “Professor of Medical Education (Patient Safety) Public Health, School of Public Health” at Sydney University, she got an award from the Queen in 2015 for “significant contribution to health policy and reform and standards in medical practice,” there appear to be indications that she is on a salary of $750,000 a year – you can use this link to access her 33 page Curriculum Vitae if you wish to get any more information.

In another SMH article on another case of a lady’s heart having stopped beating while having breast augmentation surgery, it was mentioned that Ms Walton was quoted as saying that she “was working to raise public awareness about the dangers of having cosmetic surgery in unlicensed premises.”

This intrigued us as we’d never heard of “licensed premises” for “cosmetic surgery,” (perhaps it was us who were at fault,) so 4 days ago, on 7 Sep 2015, a letter was emailed to her saying:-

2033 copy

Today we sent her a follow up letter asking if she’d got our email, to which she responded with:-


We couldn’t help ourselves, we fired back with:-


Of course we meant, “figments of your imagination.”

So there you are readers – it is being claimed that all you have to do to avoid any problems with cosmetic surgery is to make sure you have it done in “licensed premises.” Nothing yet on how you do that.


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