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You have to worry about the quality of the public debate about some of the matters that are of vital importance to the welfare and happiness of the people of Australia.

In the last few days there have been a number of articles on what is being called “a Review” of the Medicare System – this is one of them.

But, as far as we can see, all that’s happened so far is what’s set out in this paragraph:-

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But these paragraphs follow, allegedly setting out the response of the Australian Medical Association:-

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How can  the Minister saying that the Government “wants to hear” from people if they want to say something be said to be “attacking the medical profession???” If no one has anything they want the Government to hear, and that may be how it turns out, then so be it. But if anyone has anything they want to say, why shouldn’t the Government say they are prepared to listen, without it being said that they are “attacking the medical profession.”

And how by saying they want to hear, the Minister and the Prime Minister are politicising the issue, let alone suggesting “that doctors are doing the wrong thing and engaging in unsafe and unnecessary practices.”

As for saying that by advising that Ms Ley was adopting a preparedness to listen approach, she had indicated that,”doctors were using it to perform unsafe and unnecessary procedures, harming patients for financial gain!!!!!

You have to worry how anyone with any brains and any education would say these sorts of things, and not think that by saying them, he was making a fool of himself – to say that for the Government to say that they’re interested in feedback as to how something as important as Medicare is really working out in practice is a bad thing.

Perhaps, Associate Professor Brian Fowler is afraid the Government will be flooded with responses, and so that’s why he wants the people of Australia not to have that opportunity. We think that Federal and State Governments of all persuasions should be wanting to hear such things on a permanent basis, and perhaps that’s what the Associate Professor is really afraid might happen.

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