Kieran Pehm NSW Health Care Complaints Commissioner 1

It seems that a lot of people don’t realise how easy it is for the whole world to get to know what they’re really like if they have an ordinary email address. It’s a whole new world in which people with email addresses are much more accountable.

We’ve just sent Mr Pehm a letter by email using his email address which we believe already tells us a lot about him, and his reply, or lack of it, will tell us a whole lot more.

Not that we think Mr Pehm will care too much – if history is to be any ¬†guide, under the likes of Mike Baird and Jillian Skinner he already has a generous income, will retire on a generous pension for life and will end up with an award from the Queen for his “service to medical administration through contributions to the regulation of professional and practice standards!!”


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