Getting copies of your “health records and information” from NSW doctors 6

We’ve found that, in relation to this, that it almost shocks some doctors that you should have the slightest concern about how to get them  – they simply say, “You just have to ask for them!”

Our experience with Dr Brett Fritsch, knee surgeon today, was typical of those with these doctors. We sent him a letter by email asking:-

2075 copy

Within 4 minutes we had an answer.

2076 copy

Use this link to see the correspondence in full.

At the other end of the spectrum are doctors who make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for you to get your copies – like Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist. Our understanding is that the NSW Privacy Commissioner is supposed to help in such situations, but, even with over three months of help from her, one of our readers is still to get some of his copies that he first started asking Dr Brooks for nearly seven months ago. Of course, Dr Brooks seems to be such a complete and utter scoundrel that no doubt he thinks he has things to hide.

We’ve given Dr Brooks every opportunity to answer some of the allegations about him, but he doesn’t seem interested. It seems as though he just wants to get as much money together as he can as quickly as he can, so he can retire. is our email address and questions and feedback are welcome.

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