Dr Jenson Mak Geriatrician

We could just about write a book about Dr Mak and perhaps some day we will.

More than three yeas ago we were first contacted by the lady who provided the first rating on him on the RateMDs.com website, dated 8 Sep 2012. The rating, which you can read for yourself, couldn’t be worse.

But since then, sixteen 10 out of 10 ratings have appeared on him on the same website, (along with two further 2 out of 10 ratings – the lowest they allow,) from which you could easily come to believe that he was the greatest doctor who has ever lived!!!!!!!????? These have resulted in him now being their top ranked Geriatrician in New South Wales!!!!!!!!!???????

But now the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission has caught up with him – see this Media Report dated today, (16 Oct 2015,) indicating that perhaps he may be not such a great doctor after all.

(This in one of the exceedingly rare occasions – about 8 a year, out of the more than a 100 complaints they get a month – in which this Commission has found a doctor to be, perhaps, not such a good doctor, as opposed to finding him or her to have had improper sexual relations, or to have been lax in their prescribing of drugs.

You can read the details of the Professional Standards Committee inquiry yourself, if you wish, by using this link. That’s if you can be bothered.

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