Dr Jassim Daood Cosmetic Surgeon 3

If ever there was an example of emails and email responses showing what someone is really like, it’s these.

Clearly, in an effort to boost his very meagre credentials, Dr Daood claims, on his website, to be a Fellow of a very impressive sounding organisation – but it turns out that this very impressive sounding organisation doesn’t even exist!!! You couldn’t get greater confirmation of this than what Dr Daood himself provides on his website – what purports to be a link to this very impressive sounding organisation’s website, is, in fact, a link to the website of an organisation with a very different name that doesn’t have Fellows!!!

And as if this is not bad enough, he has the gall, the cheek and the effrontery, to persist with this claim when we have been writing to him and the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission about it for more than seven months.

And, as if this is not bad enough again, he has the gall, cheek and effrontery, to send us this letter by email, obviously in the belief that it’s an adequate response to any who might be alleging that his claim is false and misleading.

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