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It’s 3 months today since, on 7 Aug 2015, we started writing to Dr Elizabeth Coombs, the NSW Privacy Commissioner, seeking to get her help to get copies of one of our readers’ health records and information from Dr Andrew Brooks – copies which under the Health Records & Information Privacy Act, 2002, he’s entitled to by law.

To view the correspondence in detail, use this link.

And, as at 7 Aug 2015, it had been more than three and a half months since the reader had started emailing Dr Brooks, in April 2015, to get the copies – emails that had been completely ignored.

And he’s still waiting to get all of the copies!!!

With some help from Dr Coombs, he’d got SOME of the copies, but, one very important copy, in particular, was still missing – no doubt because Dr Brooks feels that it would weaken his position to supply it if legal action was to be taken against him.

That’s what Dr Brooks is like to deal with, readers. If he was a half decent, half honest, half proper doctor, our reader would have had ALL the copies within a few days of the 22 Apr 2015.

And if Dr Coombs had been half competent in those three months it might also have been a different story – about which more later.

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