Doctors & emails 2

To us, there are now two worlds.

There’s the New World of people and organisations who have ordinary email addresses readily available and who allocate the resources necessary to provide timely and helpful replies to reasonable emails sent to them.

And there’s the Old World, and this particularly applies to doctors and their organisations, of those who either don’t have ordinary email addresses readily available, or, if they do, don’t respond to emails sent to them.

It’s our ambition to only deal from here on with those in the New World, for three reasons.

Firstly, they seem to be much better to deal with than those who don’t – we’ve found this time and time again.

Secondly, because it indicates that they’re “into” communication – many doctors don’t come over as being “into” communication even in face to face consultations.

Thirdly, they are much more likely to stand behind what they do and say – again we’ve found this time and time again. is our email address and questions and feedback are welcome.

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