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We never cease to be amazed at the number of things we come across that leave us absolutely flabbergasted – and none more so than this part of this article:-

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The fact is that the present situation is 99% the fault of the Martin Fletchers of this world, and their organisations. But Martin Fletcher says:-

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He almost brings tears to our eyes when he talks about the “tragic events” in Bacchus Marsh – and then who does he blame? You and I – potential whistle blowers! It’s never AHPRA! This when the “gap” in the health system is organisations like his AHPRA. He talks about the “culture of reluctance to speak out” – nothing about the “culture of being completely and utterly useless” that permeates AHPRA.

Our guess would be there would have been dozens who told AHPRA about their “concerns.” But we’ll never know the truth, because every trick in the book is used to keep information about this sort of thing secret. And there would be ten times as many who would have thought, “What’s the use?” – and justifiably!

We gave up years ago trying to get anywhere with AHPRA, finding them indescribably useless.

To us it’s a despicable insult to good ordinary people to suggest that they wouldn’t complain more if it did any good, and that they are complaining and it’s doing some good. Martin Fletcher’s claims are ludicrous, clearly designed to divert attention from the shortcomings of organisations like his AHPRA. Far from under-reporting being the problem, a shortage of people prepared to report their concerns, the number of people reporting their concerns would double and triple if organisations like AHPRA were half decent organisations to report their concerns to, and under people like Martin Fletcher, the chances of AHPRA becoming half decent are nil, nix, non-existent.

If Martin Fletcher can ever point to even one complaint that’s been handled properly, or, if any of our readers can let us know the details of one of their complaints that was handled half decently, we may start to think that he has an ounce of decency and sincerity in him. Till then!

The irony is that the Martin Fletchers of this world are on fat salaries, get fat pensions for life when they retire and get awards from the Queen for their services to medical administration.

Do politicians and governments ever care? We’ve never found any who do.

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